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KAYAN Offers comprehensive architectural design starting from early stage sketches to the detailed implementation plan Including Consultancy services.

Our services include developing architectural concepts, type of materials, finishes, equipment, machinery appliances, spatial analysis, and engineering services such as electricity, mechanics and sanitary.

Our services also include the preparation of BOQ, technical specifications and drafting contracts for implementation and evaluation.

Environmental Design and Landscape :

KAYAN’s activities in this area include, but are not limited to assessment of the factors affecting the environment, developing management system for the available resources and risk assessment with respect to the factors affecting the surrounding environment.

We also offer specialized services in: coordinating sites and garden design, whether  they be residential, recreational or commercial.

Interior design and furnishing :

KAYAN is specialized in this field, we do our best to meet the expectations of customers in accordance with international standards for interior design.

Whether the furniture is sourced from the local or global market or specially customized to meet the customers’ needs; interior designs, finishes and colures are chosen carefully to be in complete harmony.

KAYAN also provides “Turnkey” projects in this area for: private residential buildings, hotels, furnished suites, offices, or showrooms.



Supervision and Project Management :

KAYAN’s technical staff is highly experienced in: supervising Construction works, Survey Service, and quantities estimation for both small and large scale projects.
Based on the project management  system used by KAYAN’s specialist,  the quality is maintained while all engineering disciplines professional We also review and adopt the project’s payment in addition to performing site tests that ensure the project’s quality and accuracy compared to the highest specifications in record time periods.

Construction management :

KAYAN provides complete management of engineering projects following up on all stages of construction in detail Thus controlling expenses, ensuring quality and compulsory specifications.
We represent the owner in all phases of the project, including the supervision of the studies, designs and implementation. And that for all contracts in accordance with the auditing controls that ensure the rights of the owner and all parties.



KAYAN the projects include:

– Preliminary feasibility studies: 
It is a study and a preliminary report  that outlines the proposed project from which a decision is taken to abandon or continue with the project. In the latter, a detailed study is conducted afterwards.

– Detailed feasibility studies:
A subsequent studies for preliminary feasibility studies، but it is more detailed/precise and comprehensive report. This report covers  all aspects of the proposed project,



Real Estate Appraisal :

We estimate the value of real property for purposes as diverse as:

Sales, purchasing, insurance, compensation, division of property, finance the construction, or complete the construction of residential or commercial property.

KAYAN Consulting dealing with many destinations such as property buyers or sellers or government institutions, companies or real estate brokers – and the usual recourse to expert assessment, which should be its relationship to the drug is the only evaluation only, without any other relationship.

Cost Estimating :

KAYAN provide estimates of the buildings by:

– Approximate methods to estimate the cost.
– Roads detailed cost estimate.

Where we provide our customers with cost estimates and detailed bills of quantities (including quantities of materials required high accuracy) for buildings and facilities.
Estimating the actual cost of the project begins during the design phase, where calculates the approximate costs of the project to assist in the selection of the size of the project in line with the budget set for it.